When the world
is in imminent, catastrophic
danger, who is
going to save it?

A gorgeous and brilliant femme fatal physicist, Danika Scheeler, and an angry ex-high-level “Deep State” government hacker, Xavier Xristos, team up to exploit a scientific breakthrough, a matter-anti-matter (M.A.M.) device.  Turning a revolutionary invention, originally created for the good of humanity, into a global threat and weapon of mass destruction, madman Xristos is on a mission to use it anywhere and at anytime - for profit, power, and revenge.  At the same time, the beautiful Danika begins to question her life and her involvement in the scheme and once again, remembers her roots and true heart’s desire.

Contracted by a clandestine consortium of five nations, an organization known as T.R.I.O., three professional killers are tasked with the mission to save the world from one of the most threatening and devastating weapons of all time.  Each incredibly unique in their backgrounds, tactical/killing methods, beliefs, and ways of coping with their deadly jobs, this team of highly trained agents are forced to work together, regardless of the costs.  Count, a pompous English techie with a royal background, Ajaxx, a scruffy Romeo from the Australian Outback, with drinking issues, and a stern, callous German who earned his codename for the way he killed, Razor are the team of “antiheroes” that are charged to save the world before their sorted pasts resurface and destroy them. 

From a mineral plant in India, to hotels in the Philippines and Hong Kong, and a castle in Canada, this globe hopping action thriller brings you on the ups and downs, battles, and breakthroughs with these agents.  Vicious, hand-to-hand combats, deadly explosions, and deafening gun fights are lurking around every corner.  All the while, adding a mysterious, sexually hypnotic, and deadly woman to the mix, this world-saving mission, is an exciting, thrilling, and tragic journey.  Innocents killed, intertwined trysts, pasts haunt – it all comes full circle in “Karma’s Dagger.”

Who will die?  Who will survive?