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Author Bio

K. R. Bono’s passion for writing global action thrillers derives
from his in-depth knowledge of military history, vast traveling experiences, and the emotionally charged readings of both Greek
and Shakespearian tragedies.  His eclectic taste in the darkest books and movies spanning the genres from action, mystery, sci-fi, manga and anime guarantees a rollercoaster ride of globe hopping, violent action, sexual salacity, and gut-wrenching emotion.


Blending these life-loves, K. R. Bono created the first installment of the T.R.I.O. Saga, Karma’s Dagger.  What started as a need to put his story on paper, has transformed into an unquenchable desire to keep the characters ever-evolving and the storyline alive.  K. R. Bono is eagerly working on the second installment of T.R.I.O.  He hopes to continue bringing his audience new, fateful twists, and mortiferous adventures with all of his work.


K. R. Bono has taught history, on the secondary level for over 25 years. He has been recognized twice in New York State's "Who's Who of Teachers". He resides on Long Island, New York, with his beautiful wife Suzanne and his children Joseph, Savannah and Sienna.

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